Expressing Life's Vivid Colors through Abstract Art – A Journey by Stef Kai

Stef Kai is a Lebanese Abstract Artist, she developed over 12 years of experience a style of her own, meddling the fluidity of abstract impressionism with a deep reverence for the natural world. Her artworks are the essence of the Mediterranean Nature reflected by vivid colors and emotions.

In a world where words often fall short, her Art becomes the language through which her inner self finds expression. She Creates art that is not just meant to be looked at, but experienced. Each painting tells a story, a journey that takes the viewer on a ride through a world of color, emotion and movement.

At the heart of her work is her freehand and dip and splash technique, a challenging process that requires physicality, as the she moves around a flat canvas on the floor, splashing paint with abandon and allowing the colors to merge and blend together in different layers evoking both the energy of the natural world and the inner passions of the human soul. A challenging yet expressive technique that results in a distinctive pigmented effect where different hues are blended together in a way that is both chaotic and harmonious.

She is a reserved individual by nature, and It’s within the canvas that she expresses her emotions freely, where she communicates what words cannot.

Her Artistic journey is here to invite you to dive into the depths of her own emotions and a testament to reflect the power of art.


Discover the Art of Inspiration

– 2023 Tchaikovski Gallery – Nice, France
– 2023 Le Marche aux Puces Exhibition – Beirut, Lebanon
– 2023 For you Beirut, Phoenicia Hotel – Beirut, Lebanon
– 2022 Arab Art Fair – Beirut, Lebanon
– 2022 United Beirut Exhibition, Beirut Arab Chambers of commerce – Beirut, Lebanon
– 2022 Nice Art Expo – Nice, France
– 2021 Le Marche aux Puces Exhibition – Beirut, Lebanon
– 2020 Solo Exhibition, Arts over coffee – Beirut, Lebanon
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