Expressing Life's Vivid Colors through Abstract Art – A Journey by Stef Kai

Stef Kai is a Lebanese Architect and Abstract Artist who developed a unique style of Painting over 12 years of experience. Inspired by the Natural World and the Mediterranean landscape, she uses vivid colors and emotions to create artworks that speak directly to the soul. Her Art is not only a visual delight, but also an immersive experience that invites you to join her journey all the way from pure Imagination to Pigmented Reality.

Stef Kai is recognized by a distinctive Style with different layers of colors that Blend and Contrast in a dynamic and harmonious atmosphere, Reflecting both the energy of Nature and the passion of the human spirit. This technique is challenging but rewarding, as it produces a Pigmented Scene that captures the essence of her Artistic Vision.

Altough she remains a reserved person by Nature, her Artworks speak loudly and are highly expressionist. Words are often inadequate to convey the depth and complexity of her emotions, and Art is the language of her inner self. Through her paintings, She Shares her stories, her feelings, and her dreams with the World. Her artistic journey is an invitation to dive into the depths of her Own Emotions and a Testament to the Power of Art.


Discover the Art of Inspiration

– 2024 Solo Exhibition and Live Art Presentation at BSA Offices in Collaboration with the French Embassy in UAE, with the presence of the French Ambassador H.E Nicolas Niemtchinow – Dubai, UAE
– 2023 Solo Exhibition and Live Art Presentation at La Cantine du Faubourg – Dubai, UAE
– 2023 Solo Art Exhibition at Tchaikovski Gallery – Nice, France
– 2023 Collective Art Exhibition with the presence of Mrs Aurore Morisse – Beirut, Lebanon
– 2023 For you Beirut, Phoenicia Hotel – Beirut, Lebanon

– 2022 Art Collaboration with Beirut Marathon – I Am Beirut – Beirut, Lebanon
– 2022 Arab Art Fair – Beirut, Lebanon
– 2022 United Beirut Exhibition, Beirut Arab Chambers of Commerce – Beirut, Lebanon
– 2022 Nice Art Expo – Nice, France

– 2021 Art Collaboration with Barista Espresso – The Harmony Edition – Beirut, Lebanon

– 2021 Collective Art Exhibition with the presence of Mr. Stephane Vanhandenhoven and Mrs Caroline Margeridon – Beirut, Lebanon

– 2020 Solo Art Exhibition, Arts over coffee – Beirut, Lebanon

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