The World of Colors


200×285 cm

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The painting “The World of Colors” is a profound and introspective masterpiece that encapsulates the artist’s journey into a world of colors, emotions, and transformation. Created in the wake of the artist’s experience of giving birth, this artwork becomes a visual diary of the multifaceted emotions that have unfolded Ð a tapestry of struggles, triumphs, fears, love, and the metamorphosis into motherhood.
The canvas is a canvas of pure emotion, a convergence of hues that reflect the countless emotions that the artist has experienced. Bold and vibrant colors form the backdrop, representing the artist’s newfound perspective on life and her changed perception of the world. These colors are a symphony of feelings, from the fiery red of determination to the soft, nurturing greens of love and growth.

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Rolled in Tube

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The World of Colors
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